How to treat your bread


Treated with respect, your bread will be tasty for four to five days if you can leave it alone for so long, that is.

Beach Breads are made without any conserving agents, so it is very important to store them properly to keep their crust fresh and their crumb moist.

The best way to store them is in a pot. Yes, any old cooking pot will do, as long as it has a lid. Even better is a container that allows your bread to breathe, like one of them fancy breadboxes. A Römertopf or terra-cotta baking-dish would also be an excellent choice.

If you have no suitable containers, wrap your BB in a cotton or linen towel.

If you do not have a spare towel handy, leave your bread in the paper bag it came in. It will not be as happy as in a pot, but it will still do better than in a plastic bag.  Don’t store it in a plastic-bag, unless you like your bread rubbery or plan to toast it.

Beach Bread will turn stale in the fridge faster than you can cool that bottle of Rosé.

But it’s an excellent candidate for freezing – whole, or cut into slices.

Beach Bread is great as toast, likes to be fried, smothered, buttered, crumbled, paired with savory and sweet companions. It really plays well with everything you like.


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